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Presence of Padmavati Mata, can be felt here in form of four Miracles



Lakki Tree

Origin of Kumudvati River

Moti Lake

Flower Miracle


Conception & Dreams


In Eighth Incarnation (Bhav), Anand MuniRaj obeyed the sixteen spiritual vows and as a result he followed the path to Nirvana in the 3rd Incarnation, after that. In ninth incarnation, Muni Raj Anand  went to Pranat house of Aanat heaven, and 6 months before finishing of his tenure in Heaven, the effect of Tirthankar coming into existence started.

As a result of this happiness spread all across the city of Varanasi which was scheduled to be the birth place of Tirthankar. In the middle of Madhyalok, there is a place by name of Jambudeep, and in the Bharat area of this Jumbudeep, there was a city of Varanasi. Varanasi was ruled by King Ashvasen and Queen Vamadevi (Varmila Devi or Brahmi) with the help of all spiritual, learned and intelligent people.

King Ashvasen was benevolent and all the people far and wide used to like him.
Unexpectedly, in the kingdom of Varanasi, it started raining continuously for 6 months and in place of droplets 140 million precious jewels used to shower daily. The wave of happiness spread all over the kingdom.

Once in dawn, Queen Vamadevi saw Sixteen dreams. After she awoke from her slumber, she straightway went to King and narrated the sixteen dreams as follows:-


The “Eravat” elephant, whose home is heaven.

White auspicious ox

The lion with the mane,

Goddess Laksmi taking bath in Gold Vessels

Two auspicious flower garland

Galaxy with the full moon

Sun in Rising Position

Two Gold Pitcher

Two Beautiful fishes swimming in the pond.

A beautiful pond full of lotus flower with pollen grains.

An ocean, full of Waves

A throne made of Jewels

A chariot for heaven made of pearls

A Beautiful palace of “Nagendra”

A heap of Jems

Smokeless Fire.


At last she saw a bull entering her mouth.

On hearing them King also became very happy and deciphered these dreams and conveyed that the being which has just descended from heaven on the second day of Krishan paksh in her womb will be lord all the “Tri Lok” (universe), will have fame and power and will be a monarch or a tranquil ascetic, and will be someone who will be constructive in bringing all the miseries and sorrows to an end.

It is the same being who obeys all the sixteen vows in the last to last incarnation, and the lady who gets the privilege to nurture the being in her womb for 9 months, only sees these sixteen dreams, and each dream actually has a relationship with each vows.
As said she became pregnant, and for nine months continuously there was a rain of jewels over the state.


Incarnations of Parsvanath

Conception & Dreams


Story of Snake Couple


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